Thursday, March 12, 2009

Night of UFC 94

After the fight against Thiago.  Lyoto talked to the press, took pictures with fans, signed some autographs, went back to his hotel room, called his wife Fabaola, went out to dinner with his team and then went to bed.   

At dinner, I asked Lyoto when he knew in the ring that he would win the fight. He said, "the first time that I punched Thiago, I did not hit him dead on and he fell down, that is when I knew I was much stronger than he was".  He also told me that when he landed the KO punch he hit Thiago accurately and saw his eyes roll back and instantly knew Thiago was out.  

Dinner with Family and Friends
Photo's with Fans

The success behind Lyoto, the Machida family 


G-Off said...

Tell Lyoto good luck against Rashad! Can't wait to see him wearing the belt.

trail dust said...

First, thank you for updating..YEAY! Second, Rashad's lucky belt time is about to come to an end. I can't wait Lyoto YOU THE MAN!!!!!!

Carlos Salvador said...

Parabéns Lyoto! Vai firme que o cinturão vai ser teu!

Josh said...

Rashad has a strong chin and a fast hook, with good inside counters. I would definatly stay away from his meat hooks early, his later rounds his blocks get sloppy, but he recovers fast so capitilize like you always do for the win.

Anonymous said...

Ryoto, ganbare! Samurai no chikara haiteruka, Ryoto wa kachimasu. Boku Ryoto ni oyenshite ageru. Kondo Pleasanton, CA ni kitara bokuni ute kudasai. Chanto mendo-o miteageru.

Tatiana Rocha said...

Lyoto, estou entrando em contato via e-mail sobre uma matéria que vamos republicar na Reader´s Digest Brasil. Dê uma olhada quando puder, por favor. Um abraço e sucesso.

Paulo said...

Parabéns Lyoto!!
Você é um verdadeiro orgulho para o nosso Estado do Pará!!
Estendo minhas Felicitações a sua família.
Deus o Abençoe!